How to Make Real Scottish Fish and Chips

Throughout 2015, my favorite St. Louis chef (and fellow Scottish expat) Ally Nisbet has been the face of Scottish food in the US and Canada. Each month, his culinary creations have been featured on and thousands of Americans and Canadians have viewed his videos and tried to bring a wee bit of Scotland into their own kitchens.

One of the recipes that didn’t make the final cut on however, was fish and chips. And because the recipe is absolutely delicious and simple, and Scotland is world-famous for its fish, I’m posting it here instead.



And here’s the recipe and step-by-step instructions.

Fish & Chips with Scottish Haddock and Ale Batter


  • Haddock
  • 12 oz dark ale
  • 12 oz lager or light ale
  • 2 cups of all-purpose flour
  • Malt vinegar
  • Salt
  • Peas
  • 1 shallot
  • Tartar sauce
  • French fries, aka chips
  • Vegetable oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Fresh parsley



Prepare the ale batter

    • Add 6 oz of lager and 6 oz of dark ale to a mixing bowl
    • Slowly whisk in the flour
    • Add remaining beer and continue to whisk
    • Add a pinch of salt
    • Add a splash of malt vinegar
    • Allow batter to rest for about 30 minutes 

Fry the chips

    • Heat vegetable oil on the stove until about 350 degrees
    • Put French fries in the oil
    • Fry for 5 minutes
    • Remove French fries from oil

Fry the fish

  • Lightly season the haddock on both sides with salt
  • Add a touch of flour to the fish
  • Submerge the fish in the batter
  • Place the battered fish in the vegetable oil used for the chips, again at about 350 degrees
  • Fry for 5 minutes

Prepare the peas

  • Melt a small amount of butter in a frying pan
  • Add one finely chopped shallot
  • Simmer for 2 minutes
  • Add your peas to the pan
  • Simmer for 3 minutes

Final Presentation

  • Place the French fries (chips) on the plate
  • Place the fried haddock over the top of the chips
  • Add a spoonful of tartar sauce to the side of the plate
  • Season the fish and chips with salt
  • Add the peas
  • Sprinkle a splash of lemon on the fish
  • Sprinkle with fresh parsley
  • Serve with malt vinegar as a condiment
  • Enjoy!

* All measurements are U.S. measurements.

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