A Brilliant Journey Into A Hero I Thought I Knew

Sir Winston Churchill is a man we all think we know. We know his speeches, his wartime stands, his quick wit, and the many times in numerous movies where actors have sought to portray him.

Up until this point in time, every actor has truly failed. However, we didn’t know it until we watched Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour.

Now, I admit I am terrible remembering the names of people whom I have not actually met, so when the first previews of the Darkest Hour came out, with the name Gary Oldman on them, I failed to recognize it, and didn’t bother to look him up. I watched the previews, and became excited at the prospect of another Churchill movie.

And then I had the privilege of representing Her Majesty’s Government at the Midwest Premiere in the Wren Chapel that sits on top of the National Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri—the site of Sir Winston’s famous “Iron Curtain” speech in 1946.

And I quickly realized, this is not just another Churchill movie. This is THE Churchill movie. It was brilliant. It was inspirational. It was moving. It was raw. It was real. It told the story of Churchill, with all his flaws and issues, but inspired me to be more like Churchill. To stand for what is right despite my failings. To try to inspire despite my own doubts and questions. It is a movie I will watch again, and again.

And I encourage any person who has an interest in Churchill, or Britain, or WWII, or the underdog, or how flawed men can make a difference, or a battle against all odds—to go and see, and enjoy, and be moved by this movie.

And Gary Oldman. After the movie, and the brilliance of the performance, I looked up who he was. And I of course recognized him immediately from the many movies that he has thrilled us with. But Gary Oldman didn’t just become Churchill in this movie, Mr. Oldman disappeared into Churchill. In Darkest Hour, we see just Churchill. We don’t see an actor playing him. We see Sir Winston Churchill, taking on the world, in his and our Darkest Hour. Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

Darkest Hour comes out in select theatres today. And everywhere else in December. I highly recommend you make the time to be a part of this powerfully moving experience.